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1 A Framework for Communication The Flexible Modular Framework, as described by Sowa (2002), is an architecture for communication among interacting agents, which may be physical devices, computer programs, or human beings using any auditory, visual, or tactile interfaces. Computationally, the modules of an FMF may be specialized for any purpose whatever. Physically, they may be collected in a single box or be scattered anywhere across the Internet. Any module might have its own FMF nested within itself, and the nested modules could also be localized or distributed.

The theory of memetics is not the answer to a theory of social and psychological evolution, but reinterpreted it may suggest some bridging concepts that can lead to a unifying methodology for the semiotic sciences. Acknowledgment. I thank Mary Keeler for editorial assistance in preparing the manuscript for this paper. References 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dawkins, R. [1989]. The Selfish Gene. Oxford U. Press. Dawkins, R. [1999]. ). The Meme Machine. Oxford U. Press. Dawkins, R. [1982]. The Extended Phenotype.

Deacon Language evolution was shown to be analogous to niche construction in some regards. Niche construction introduces a complicated compound interest effect into evolution in which products of behavioral intervention in the environment can feed forward to become selection pressures in future generations. What we might call the “linguistic environment” is a “niche” that is both a complex behavioral habit shared by a population of humans and yet also a set of highly specific cognitive constraints that places special demands on neural functioning.

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