A Commentary to Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason’ - download pdf or read online

By Norman Kemp Smith

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Of all of the significant philosophical works, Kant's Critique of natural cause is without doubt one of the so much profitable, but the most tricky. Norman Kemp Smith's observation elucidates not just textural questions and minor matters, but additionally the imperative difficulties which come up, he contends, from the conflicting trends of Kant's personal pondering. Kemp Smith's observation is still fashionable with Kant students, and it really is being reissued right here with a brand new advent by means of Sebastian Gardner to set it in its modern context.

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The matter of expe rience is here ta ken as equivalent to sensation; while sensatio n, in tu rn, is regarded as being the non-rela tio nal. Th e explana tio n of Kant's failure either to investigate o r to pro ve th is assu m pt io n has already been indica ted . Letbniz proceeds upon the assum ption of its tr uth n o less confiden tly than Hume. and as Kant's ma in task cons isted in reconcil in g what h e regarded as being t h e eleme nts of trut h in th eir opposed phil osophies, he very na turally felt secure in rearing h is system upon the one fund am en tal presu pposition o n wh ich they were able to agree.

Or to interpr et this o ppositio n in logical terms: (a) The fundamental prin ciples of experien ce are synthet ic judgme nts in wh ich no relati on is d iscoverable bet ween sub ject and predicate, a nd whic h fo r th at reason can be justified neither a priori no r by expe rience; (b) all principl es are analytic, and can th erefo re be justified by pu re th ou ght. Th e probl em of Kant's Critique, broadly stated, co n sists in the examination an d critica l estima te of these two o pposed views.

Someth ing sensed or a pp rehe nde d , and a lso at th e same time as the sensing o r awa reness of it . This view is unable to wit hs tand critic ism. Th ere is really n o m ore ground for assert in g that red co lour NATU RE O F CONSC IOUSNESS xlvi i carries with it co ns cious ness of itse lf th an for saying that a table doe s. Th e illegitimacy of th e assertio n is co ncealed from us by the fact tha t tables appear to exist whe n there is no co ns cio usness present, whe reas redness can not be pro ved to ex ist independently of co ns cio usn ess-it ma y or may not do so .

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