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By Søren Kierkegaard

ISBN-10: 0140448012

ISBN-13: 9780140448016

Ostensibly, A Literary Review is an easy remark via Soren Kierkegaard at the paintings of a latest novelist. On deeper degrees, notwithstanding, it turns into the existential philosopher's far-reaching critique of his society and age, and its apocalyptic ultimate sections encouraged the crucial rules in Martin Heidegger's influential paintings Being and Time. Embraced via many readers as prophetic, A Literary Review and its innovations stay suitable to our present debates on id, dependancy, and social conformity.

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It is of crucial importance not to misunderstand the purpose of the epoche. We do not effect it in order to deny, doubt, neglect, abandon, or exclude reality from our research, but simply in order to suspend or neutralize a certain dogmatic attitude toward reality, that is, in order to be able to focus more narrowly and directly on the phenomenological given—the objects just as they appear. In short, the epoche entails a change of attitude toward reality, and not an exclusion of reality. It is only through such a suspension that we will be able to approach reality in a way that will allow for a disclosure of its true sense (Hua 8/457, 3/120, 8/465).

Even though a person might know terms like crimson,' 'scarlet,' and Vermilion,' the person would lack a proper knowledge of the involved concepts if he were blind, and therefore unable to see these colors. 17 For Husserl (as for Maurice Merleau-Ponty) this conception is the outcome of an intellectualistic abstraction that makes it impossible to comprehend how the perceived could ever function as a guiding line for a linguistic description. To detach sense and the sensuous {Sinn and Sinnlichkeit) from each other, to deny the continuity between the perceptual givenness of an object and its predicative articulation, is to make the relation between conceptual thinking and perception incomprehensible and contingent.

But the moment we wish to account for the givenness of the object, that is, for the object's different modes of appearance, we will have to go beyond the quality-matter dyad. Let me give a concrete example: If one compares the situation where, in the absence of my notebook, I judge 'it is blue' with the situation where the notebook is present, and where I see it and judge 'it is blue/ we are dealing with two acts of judging with the same quality and matter. But there remains an important difference between the two acts, a difference that must concern something beyond the intentional essence.

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