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22 How Buddhism Acquired a Soul kongyixianse �-�5 may represent a typical example of this. thanti. ('Some [masters] transmit the teaching that there are twenty-one [kinds of visible object], since the sky also has a colour:) (AbhK: p. 26_9- 10, comm. to §1. 10) Here, I read ekavarlJam as a bahuvrihi compound, not a karmadharaya. However, since varlJa is sporadically used as a neuter, it may also be a karmadharaya compound. \: ('Some masters say, " The sky is a colour. 29. 2b28-29) . Here Xuanzang's translation is ambiguous: we can read it as 'Some masters say, "A certain colour , in the form of the sky is the twenty-first visible object;' or as 'Some masters say, "The sky is a colour; this is the twenty-first visible object:" Since the Sanskrit expression, nabhas caikavarlJam, is not a compound but a sentence, Xuanzang must have intended the latter reading, also regarding ekavarlJa as a karmadharaya compound.

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