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The movement towards greater inclusion and involvement of family members in the lives of particular families is associated with earlier work towards ‘partnership’ with parents, which has been extensively researched and discussed in research in the 1990s. ) It is part of an ethos in which power should be more effectively and sincerely shared by professionals with those we describe as ‘informal carers’, who usually play the most critical part in the lives of the children upon whom our concern is focused.

This help may be ‘instrumental’ or ‘affective’ (Polansky, 1985b). In well-functioning families these are often inseparable and interact to positive effect. The type of instrumental help which is commonest is of two kinds. There are small-scale financial transactions; loans and gifts, or gifts in kind, may offer a day-by-day lifeline to those in poverty. Indeed, they may reduce dependence on debt from exploitative lenders. Second, sharing in the care of children in diverse ways relieves stress and opens up employment opportunities.

Isolation is deemed to be undesirable and suggests that there is a deficit which must be made good. Whilst this will be a reasonable goal in many aspects and domains of the lives of parents and children, when it is applied indiscriminately it may distract attention from the negative or damaging effects of some kinds of interaction. Wider family and community support The British study by Ghate and Hazel (2002), referred to earlier in this chapter, throws light on the complicated factors at work in relation to the concepts of social isolation and social exclusion.

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