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1960). Ionization Phenomena in Gases, Butterworth, London. BROWN, S. C. (1961). Basic Data of Plasma Physics, Wiley, New York. CHAPTER 4 MAGNETOHYDRODYNAMICS I IN the last chapter we discussed the diffusion theory of the arc and ended by describing a system in which the ionized component of the gas was completely confined by its own magnetic field. Under such circumstances the drift velocity vanishes and eq. 2) may be written as Vi> = jLjxB where p = n+kT+ + nJcT__ represents the total pressure of the ionized gas.

These oscillations showed up as charac­ teristic patterns of light beyond the interaction region. The theory of PETSCHEK was used to calculate both the density p and conductivity σ behind the shock, as well as the time τ needed to reach thermal equilibrium. Since the length of the ionized column was short, only if τ < 10~5 sec could an inter­ action be expected. From the calculated values of p and σ and the known values of the magnetic field and tube radius, the magnetic Reynold's num­ ber M could be calculated.

6) Da XkT (n0+ß)J0{s)-ß and the boundary condition demands ^o(^o) = η0 + β β, which has the dimensions of a density may be written 4:nj2(R2/kTso2) and since kT is small, while the remaining numbers are near unity, it is a large number. 9) The increase in ion life to can be seen by returning to eq. 1), and noting that as bR2 -> 1, SQ -> 0 and to -» oo. Alternatively, we can use eq. 2) to calculate the radial drift velocity. 2/ 2 = Όα2ηφ\ = Da 2n0 £2 ί *o UbR2 e2wo2 2 r-2777io - 2 c kT e2wo2\i / r4-rl 1 — 7τη0 } \ c2kTbj\ (l-bR2)r hence v-+0 as bR2 -> 1 using eq.

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