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He says of the human mind, "ab inferiori recipit certitudinem secundum quid, a superiori vero recipit certitudinem simpliciter" (quoted in Gilson, La philosophie au moyen âge, p. 154). 43. For an outline of St. Thomas' position, see chapters XII and XIII of Gilson's The Philosophy of St. Thomas (St. Louis and London, 1939). 44. Perhaps the fullest study of this problem is Aimé Forest's La structure métaphysique du concret selon saint Thomas d'Aquin (Paris, 1931). 45. This position, mentioned by Gilson, La philosophie au moyen âge, pp.

This view is likely to find expression in one of two forms: either that philosophy should be made scientific by conforming to the methods and ideals of some particular science, or that the function of philosophy is to correlate and if possible unify the findings of the other sciences by means of generalizing on a basis of these findings, Page 5 after having rid itself of outworn metaphysical notions. Any system of philosophy which clings to metaphysical principles will simply be superseded by modern science, because such principles are as useless as the inadequate data of the pre-scientific age during which they were arrived at by inductive generalization.

9 That modern philosophers are by no means immune from scientism is equally obvious. Everett W. Hall, of the University of Iowa, has lately presented an excellent account of the status of modern metaphysics in an essay on "Metaphysics" written for the volume entitled Twentieth Century Philosophy. " At the same time, he admits that "The task of metaphysics is to generalize further on the basis of scientifically established proportions; i. "15 This brief statement of Professor Hall's conclusions about the scope and method of metaphysics is not intended as an adverse Page 10 criticism of his clear and careful essay.

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