Believing It All: Lessons I Learned from My Children - download pdf or read online

By Marc Parent

ISBN-10: 0316693464

ISBN-13: 9780316693462

There's no one like a baby to appear life's maximum mysteries sq. within the eye, and there's no author like Marc mum or dad to translate a child's revelations for the remainder of us. He attempts to coach his sons the way to win at his favourite board video games yet learns as an alternative the enjoyment of creating up your personal incoherent ideas. He nurtures their compassion, they train him approximately love and forgiveness within the face of anger. Believing all of it is a ebook in regards to the issues we knew as childrens -- approximately gratitude and playfulness, reputation and love -- that typically elude us as adults. booklet jacket.

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Two cherries for each finger. I put the buckets in the holders, get the spinner turning freely, and start putting cherries on the trees. I can hardly wait to get them playing. They’ll love this game once we get started, I think. The satisfaction of plucking a tree bare. The beauty of a full bucket. The thrill of yelling, Hi Ho! Cherry-O, into the long faces of your opponents. “Help me put the cherries on the trees,” I say. Casey puts one on and then begins to put the rest into the buckets. Owen gets one in his mouth.

I held him tight but buried my face into the bed next to him. We were in hell, the place where people tell you to go when they ask how there could possibly be a God. The onslaught eventually passed about as abruptly as it had come. Susan emerged from the bathroom and joined me at the bedside where, together, we sank into slow, quiet shock. She stroked a small spot on Casey’s thigh, the only place not covered with apparatus of one sort or another. We gazed at the marquee of digital panels scrolling around the bed as if we expected to read something other than numbers, as if we expected the sequence of lights to somehow [ 29 ] marc parent reveal the truth.

There were no flowers or cards or stuffed animals or get-well balloons, no special clothing from home or crayon drawings by an older sibling to encourage his progress. It was as if he belonged to no one. He was battling alone. The attention the nurses gave him was admirable but no substitute for a parent’s bedside vigil. Our son, with his readouts ticking along predictably and the two of us stroking either side of him, had it made. Susan’s finger dropped to trace the dimples of his knee. I had no idea how she was holding up or what she was think- [ 30 ] believing it all ing.

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