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This can be a new, revised version of this well known textual content. the entire simple issues in calculus of numerous variables are lined, together with vectors, curves, capabilities of numerous variables, gradient, tangent airplane, maxima and minima, strength services, curve integrals, Green's theorem, a number of integrals, floor integrals, Stokes' theorem, and the inverse mapping theorem and its results. The presentation is self-contained, assuming just a wisdom of uncomplicated calculus in a single variable. Many thoroughly worked-out difficulties were integrated.

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Then the itinerary map h : A,. -+ El defined above is a homeomorphism from A,. to E2 such that h 0 F,. = U 0 h. PROOF. First we check the condition that u 0 h =h0 F,.. (x)). (x)) E It. (x)) u(h(x)). Next we check that h is onto. Let s E E2. As in the earlier theorem, the intersections = = 1. ••• = n~=o F;k(I•• ) are nonempty intervals and are nested as n increases. 0....... = n~o F;; " (I•• ). If x E 1'0, ... ,'. (x) E I ••. (xo) E I •• for 0 ~ k < 00 and h(xo) = 8. This proves that h is onto. We give two proofs of the fact that h is one to one to illustrate different ideas.

Endpoints go to endpoints. By the Mean Value Thoorem, there is some c E [a. (a) = F~(c)(b - a). Then. (all = IF~(c)I'lb - al ~ )"L(/io)' Therefore L(1io) ~ ),,-1. This proves thE- induction step for n = 1. Assume the result is true for n - 1. • of Sn' Then the image. o ..... • ) = li ...... i . . is a component of Sn-l. and by induction L(1i ........ _,) ~ ),,-(n-I). As above by the Mean Value Theorem. there is acE lio •... _. (c)(b - a). so L(1, ...... (a)1 = 1F;'(c)(b - a)1 ~ Alb - al = AL(1io .....

Thus for Xo E (O,p,,), FJ(xo} is a monotonically increasil sequence which must converge to the fixed point p,.. 4. Similarly, on t I interval (PI" 1/2] the function is monotonically increasing and the graph lies below II diagonal. Thus for Yo E (p", 1/2] FJ(yo) monotonically decreases to p,.. Finally, I, Xo E (1/2,1), F,,(xo} E (O,I/2) so Ft(xo} converges to p,.. This completes the proof t· this range of parameters. 4. t < 2, 0 < Xo < PI" and (b) Now assume that 2 < I-' < 3. Note that PI' > 1/2.

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