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This ebook provides a suite of texts via the German physicist and thinker Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker (1912-2007), to be used in seminars at the background, epistemology and constitution of physics. so much texts seem in English for the 1st time. Weizsäcker turned recognized via his works in physics, regularly within the early improvement of nuclear physics. Later he might additionally develop into renowned as a thinker and analyst of up to date tradition. Texts comprise the unique courses of the “Weizsäcker-Bethe formulation” of nuclear lots and the “Bethe-Weizsäcker cycle,” and is the reason the resource of power within the sunlight; either have been built by means of Bethe while and independently of Weizsäcker. additional texts care for Weizsäcker’s rationalization of the starting place of planets, his clarification of the “time arrow” in Statistical Mechanics and his analyses of Quantum Mechanics and the constitution of physics in general.

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The first impression that the frequency distribution of the elements leaves contradicts this assumption, of course. It should be noted, however, that nuclear processes were still taking place in the cosmos even after the basic features of the element distribution had come about. The theory has thus already achieved what one can expect of it, if it shows that the discrepancy with the present-day distribution can be explained by equilibrium in nuclear processes that we must anyway require as having occurred for physical or astronomical reasons also after the first act of formation.

This motion caused the matter not to sink evenly from all sides into the forming Sun; rather in the process hefty sideways motions occurred at the same time. These motions may have been randomly distributed. On average they would then not have cancelled themselves out completely, instead a resultant rotational motion must have remained in some unpredictable direction. The question has often been raised whether other planetary systems exist in the universe or just our own. The planets of other stars could not be looked at owing to their great remoteness; so for this problem we must rely on theoretical conclusions.

It makes sense that of two planets moving at the same velocity, the one farther away from the Sun will take longer to orbit around the Sun. Kepler’s third law states that there is more to this difference in orbital period: The outer planet moves more slowly objectively as well; it traverses fewer kilometres per second than one orbiting closer inside. Kepler posited these laws empirically; Newton explained them mechanically. As Kepler had already suspected, the Sun is the seat of a force. It is the same force as Earth’s gravity pulling a falling stone toward the ground.

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