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By E. E. "Doc" Smith

ISBN-10: 188296814X

ISBN-13: 9781882968145

Technology Fiction

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Ship after ship had been lured from its course; had been compelled to land upon this barren planet. Some of those vessels had been destroyed; some of them had been stripped and rifled as though by pirates of old: some of them had been set upon new courses with hulls, mechanical equipment, and cargoes almost untouched. No crewman or passenger, however, escaped unscathed; even though only ten percent of them died in the Overlordish fashion Worsel knew so well. The Overlord himself had wondered why they had not been able to kill them all.

It doesn't mean a thing to me right now. . " How casually they dismissed as unimportant that cryptic burst of thought! But if they both, right then, together, had been authoritatively informed that that description fitted exactly the physical form forced upon its denizens in its summer by the accurately- described, simply hellish climatic conditions obtaining during that season on the noxious planet Floor, the information would still not have seemed important to either of them—then. " The older Lensman went on without a break.

Nothing had been disturbed. The sun of this system, although rather on the small side, was intensely hot; this planet, Four, was pretty far out. Well beyond Cardynge's Limit. A tube, of course . . for all the tea in China it had to be a tube. Kinnison sagged; the indomitable Gray Lensman showed his years and more. " His voice was grim, quiet, as he spoke to the still protesting men. " they demanded, practically in one voice. "A hyper-spatial tube," and Kinnison went on to explain, as well as he could, the functioning of a thing which was intrinsically beyond the grasp of any non-mathematical three-dimensional mind.

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