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This revised and up-to-date version of group and Polity examines the ameliorations happening in local people federations and within the national federation stream, the decline of the mass-based agencies, the shift within the kinds and association of Jewish schooling, the alterations happening within the synagogue events, and the issues of Jewish harmony generated via intermovement festival.

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In the past, such activities have always been fitted into the framework of an organic community, one linked to the tradition of the fathers as understood by their descendants, who felt bound—by that tradition and by their kinship to one another—to stand together apart from and even against the rest of the world. In the process of modernization, these organic ties disappeared for Jews, as they have for other peoples who have gone through the same process, to be replaced by associational ties, at least for people who wished to maintain the ties at all.

The modern epoch may be said to have begun in the middle of the seventeenth century; 1648 is a convenient year to mark its beginning. 2 The events of that epoch, born out of the seventeenth-century revolution in science, technology, politics, and religion, brought radical changes for world Jewry over the next three centuries. 3 Modernity also brought a crisis for Judaism, arising from the general deemphasis of the religious aspect of life in the Western world as a whole and the thrusting of secular science and politics into the forefront of human concern.

Periodically in Jewish history there have been efforts to combine or eliminate one or another of the ketarim, whether at the time of the prophet Samuel, who took all three to himself, at the time of Hasmonean rule during the Second Commonwealth when the ruling family combined the keter kehunah and keter malkhut, or in the early stages of the Zionist movement when the Labor Zionist settlers of Israel thought that only the keter malkhut was important. All have failed, in the first two cases disastrously.

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